IBC 2015 Section 2207.4 Proposed Modification and Committee Action

  • 06 Sep 2012 1:30 PM
    Message # 1066102
    Jeffrey Messier (Administrator)
    FYI to SEAoA Code Committee Members  and others –
    Our proposed modification to Section 2207.4 of the 2015 IBC is shown on the first page of the attachment.  The ICC Committee Action, with comments, is listed on the second page.
    I am willing to propose this modification again, for the 2018 IBC,  and attempt to work with NCSEA if our members concur. To be successful, I think it will require more aggressive action than simply proposing this again. I’d very much appreciate input from other members regarding the significance of this modification.
    Thank you,
    (posted by Jeff Messier on George's behalf)

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