Central Chapter Dinner Meeting: Concrete Cracking

  • 15 Oct 2013
  • 5:30 PM
  • DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Phoenix 320 North 44th Street Phoenix, AZ 85008
  • 10


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Topic: Concrete Cracking

        We will cover 22 different types of cracks - There are many types of cracks that happen for many different reasons. They can be due to construction defects, job-site conditions, design problems, contractor error, environment, etc. This presentation will discuss 22 different types of cracks and will cover:
· How to identify them
· What caused them
· How they could have been prevented
·  How to repair them
It will also include material selection for structural, functional, and aesthetic cracks repairs.


Biography of Speaker:

Our presentor will be Dave Flax, CCPR, CSI, the Southwestern Regional Manager for The Euclid Chemical Company. Dave's bio includes:

  • Civil Engineering Degree from RPI
  • Over 35 years experience including field engineer, contractor, and researcher with the Corps of Engineers
  • On the ICRI “Specifications”, “Materials and Methods”, and “Repair of Construction Defects” committees
  • Given the “Extra Yard” award by SCCP for 30+ years of service to the concrete industry
  • Has specialized in concrete and repairs and written dozens of articles

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